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i know that eating his signature two (2) separate times isn’t good proof for it but i really don’t care that much about john green either way

i haven’t left the house without winged eyeliner on in over a year and a half

i feel like the age of winged liner is almost over and im very afraid

i just tried to make a read more on twitter


Think about me n drake lounging together and poking each other’s double chins

i have a quick question for the science side of tumblr



can bears see their toes

Yes both front and hind feet (toes specifically) are visible to the bear if the bear is standing

thank you science side of tumblr


speaking of sailor venus body pillows, heres my amazon wishlist

i just ate for the first time today and i went and looked in the mirror really determinedly and flexed and did finger guns at myself and it was a really special moment

im the transtrendiest


i am going to be the worlds greatest transtrender. that is my goal

the person i reblogged this from has soft, sexy skin and it is smooth and slippery. also i am gay as hell and i fuckinf love god so much